Budgerigar care fact sheet


Males have a blue cere (area around nostrils) and females have a brown cere.


  • Good quality, boxed, budgerigar seed mix
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Green vegetables
  • Iodine block
  • Shell grit
  • Access to clean fresh water at all times


  • Cage large enough to allow wing extension in all directions.
  • Use a stainless steel or powder coated wire cage to prevent zinc toxicity from galvanized materials.
  • Do NOT use plastic or wood smooth perches, use a natural wood/stick for perching as the uneven surface/variable diameter of the branch prevents lesions to the foot.
  • Provide plenty of toys for enrichment; cuttlefish, wooden blocks or mirrors.
  • Provide a bowl of water for bathing and to encourage preening.
  • Birds need UV light, therefore if kept indoors provide a UV bulb.
  • Avoid positioning the cage near central heating ducts, air fresheners or places with smoke.


  • Ring on the leg; check is not placed too tight.

Preventative healthcare:

  • Wing clipping is unnecessary; can cause delayed moulting, frayed feathers and encourages birds to chew their feathers.
  • May need beak and claw trimming every 6mths.
  • Treatment for mites; ivermectin based treatment. Treat annually. Product; Avitrol bird mite and lice spray.
  • Treatment for worms; fenbendazole. Treat annually. Product; Avitrol plus bird wormer syrup.