Surgery, Dental care

We perform a wide range of surgery at the clinic.  We routinely desex
dogs and cats, as well as the occasional rabbit and other pocket pet.
We also perform dentals (removal and cleaning), lump and tumour
removals, eye surgery, wound repairs, orthopaedic surgeries and exploratory surgery

We are also able to offer many of the more advanced orthopaedic
surgeries affordably via a visiting clinician who has
his membership in the Australian college of Veterinary Scientists,
specialising in surgery.

Dental disease is the most common health problem we see, with
approximately 80% of cats over 3 years old with tartar build-up. We
have a state-of-the-art dental unit for carrying out all dental
procedures, along with an ultrasonic scaler. Our pets do require a
general anaesthetic to have dental procedures performed, so we hope to
do what we can to prevent dental disease. In an ideal world, we would
brush our animals teeth every day, and if you’re able to do this,
fantastic!! We have toothpaste in “delicious” flavours such as chicken
or cheese, and toothbrushes that will fit over your finger like a
thimble. A soft child’s toothbrush is also good for pets’
gums. Less labour-intensive alternatives include raw bones (of an
appropriate size), dental chews, various mouthwashes and gels, and
high quality pet food which has both mechanical and chemical action to
stop plaque and tartar forming (whilst still being a fully balanced
nutritional diet).